Accounting Software Review: FreshBooks Vs. QuickBooks

The world of accounting is getting bigger day by day because the number of businesses is also increasing day by day. If you also own a business and you are looking for the best cloud-based software program that is designed to meet the needs of small business owners then you need to read this accounting software review: FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks to make a smart decision.

Core Strengths

QuickBooks is renowned for advanced accounting features, perfect invoicing and more than 250 integrations. On the other hand, FreshBooks has strong invoicing, all basic bookkeeping tools and full-featured mobile apps.

This is a no-brainer—QuickBooks Online wins by default because FreshBooks is not accounting software. FreshBooks advertises itself as an invoicing and accounting solution, but it lacks double-entry accounting, basic accounting reports, and a chart of accounts. The software does offer a few nice bookkeeping touches that set it apart from many other invoicing software companies, but these features are not enough to make it a true accounting solution.

Common Features

Some common features that are present in both QuickBooks and FreshBooks are invoicing, client portal, expense tracking, contact management, project management, time tracking, reports and sales tax.

Extra Features

A few features that are present in QuickBooks but not in FreshBooks are estimates, bank reconciliation, accounts payable, chart of accounts, budgeting, inventory, classes, multicurrency, tax support and lending.


The pricing plans of both the competitors range from USD 15 to USD 50 a month (three plans).


Both are cloud-based software and are compatible with any device given that you have a strong internet connection. FreshBooks has the edge over QuickBooks because is supports Linux while QuickBooks doesn’t.

Number of Users

QuickBooks supports 1 to 5 users which depends largely on the pricing plans and allows the addition of up to 25 users at a cost. FreshBooks only allows one user at a time, and the cost of additional users comes down to USD 10 per month for every additional user.

Other Considerations

FreshBooks is easy to use, has an amazing app, has positive reviews & testimonials and great customer service & support. QuickBooks is better at handling negative reviews & complaints and integrations. The security of both the service providers is at par with each other.


In essence, it can be said that both accounting software are excellent and the winner is one that meets your needs best. So, read up all the details and think about business compatibility before deciding in this regard.